Recipe to Try Friday- tasteofhome BAKING: Frosted Rhubarb Cookies

 2013-06-25 07.39.39

Using fresh rhubarb makes such a difference! Not as watery leaving behind a more refreshing taste. With that said, strongly recommend frozen rhubarb as a LAST resort. The rhubarb is not at all overpowering and the combination is a great and refreshing taste with a nice crunch to the bite. The cream cheese frosting couldn’t be a better combo. Not too heavy of a frosting but still gives you the sweet and creamy taste that you’re looking for. Highly recommend this recipe to both rhubarb and non rhubarb fans!

Courtesy of the blog, this recipe that I stumbled upon looks like a great recipe for this kind of cookie.

This recipe calls for cold unsalted butter instead of shortening which makes the cookie not as greasy. She also sprinkled them with coarse sugar before baking instead of topping them with frosting which gives you that sweet sugar like taste on top but not as fattening. The base of the cookie was from Martha Stewart. Sounds like a great and easy recipe!



-Amanda Moxie


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